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MFP Ep. 20 – Big Google Updates: Performance Max, Google’s Fresh Content Update and Google Maps


1208, 2022

Creating Virtual Resident Experiences with Digital Content

Speakers: Ronn and Martin. Guest: Wojciech Kalembasa - CEO at Ronn: Hello, hello you guys. Let's get ready for another great episode of the multifamily podcast with Ronn myself and Martin.  Martin: What’s up. Ronn: Today we are

1107, 2022

The Digital Leasing Experience and Why It Matters!

Speaker: Ronn and Martin Guest: Robert Turnbull, CEO of Ronn: Welcome back guys, you're listening to The Multifamily Podcast, of course with myself Ronn and Martin. Today we have a very special guest to help us cover the

2705, 2022

Apartment Innovation and Marketing Conference Recap 2022

Martin: All right, welcome back to the multifamily podcast with Ron and Martin. Today's episode we'll be highlighting apartment SEOs time at Aims. The apartment innovation and marketing conference in sunny Huntington Beach, California. We're talking about Jam packed

1405, 2022

The Multifamily Social Media Summit 2022 Recap

Martin: All right. Welcome back to the Multifamily Podcast with your hosts Martin and Ronn. I'm Martin. Ronn. Hey, what's going on? Ronn, what's been what's been going on with you anything new? Ronn: Not much, just getting through

2904, 2022
  • Multifamily Podcast - Reboot Episode

The Multifamily Podcast Reboot

Martin: All right, Ronn, we are back with the multifamily podcast reboot. I know it's been a heck of a long time. But definitely I know we want to get things back on track. And so basically, that's what

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