TikTok Marketing for Apartments | TikTok Influencer Tells All!

TikTok Marketing for Apartments | TikTok Influencer Tells All!

Speakers: Ronn and Martin.

Guest: Frankie

Martin: All right, welcome back to the multifamily podcast with Ronn and Martin. Now we are totally excited for this episode. Today, we are diving deep into TikTok. We have our first guest ever since the multifamily podcast reboot, Frankie Valmeyer of apartment SEO, who was our national sales manager and who was also a tick tock influencer with over 640,000 plus followers. It’s crazy. So, we will be discussing how he went viral with one particular tick tock, his rise to tick tock stardom. Tik Tok best practices for apartments and how your community can ride the wave of this wildly popular, immersive video platform to help bring more qualified traffic into your communities. So, Frankie, welcome to the multifamily podcast.

Frankie: Well, good morning, Martin. And thank you so much for that introduction. Yes, I am so excited to be a part of this. I can’t believe I’m the first guest and that really does make me feel very special. Yeah, so I’m excited to talk about my journey personally and also, I know that Tik Tok has become a really big buzzword within multifamily. And personally, myself, I had had a few clients come to me and asked me for some tips and just, you know, kind of like explaining my journey on what works with tick tock. So, you know, if this can provide some insight on someone that’s listening, who is a little scared or just you know, starting to dabble with tick tock, I’m ready to share some tools to hopefully help them out as well.

Martin: Nice.

Ronn: That’s awesome. Frankie, welcome aboard. Thank you for joining us. And again, yeah, since our reboot, we wanted to make sure that we promised the audience before that we’d be having some special guests. So, it is only right that we start with our own subject matter experts. And in this case, it’s Tik Tok, which is there’s so much buzz around it. So, I wanted to speak a little bit for the audience that doesn’t know about Frankie, because he’s very humble. But I wanted to share his journey just at apartment SEO and how we’re very privileged to have him. Frankie came to us from the multifamily side of the business as an account manager, I think he was just at the property level, right, Frankie, at the time. I mean, some stuff and when lease stops and doing some great things. So of course, that speaks very well for us as a transfer of skills came in as an account manager working on local campaigns for local clients that is, and then quickly went into the national role. And then from there, we were able to convince him to get promoted, recognize his efforts for taking care of his customers. Always in every time, I think he overstressed is sometimes and we have to be like, it’s all good. But Frankie, yeah has gone into the national sales role. So, for those that are privileged enough to have Frankie as your sales guy, that is you’re so lucky. So yeah, he’s a true rock star. Excited for Frankie’s tenure here and totally his future. And so, what I wanted to ask in this podcast, because there’s so much to talk about, so let’s unfold it now. But Frankie, how did your Tik Tok journey begin? Before you went viral?

Frankie: So, like most people, my journey started with that pandemic. You know, we went from doing all these events and being around people and personally, we love being around friends and you know, creating memories. And when everything came to a stop, I was like, oh, my God, what are we going to do? We were you know, making puzzles like everybody else, we were wine too much. So, I heard about Tik Tok. And everybody was talking about, you know, it’s the coolest app out there. And at first, I thought it was just a whole bunch of teenagers using the app to dance because I wanted my neighbor’s, has two young daughters, and I’d see them out there all day with their dance moves. So, I eventually downloaded it, because I kept hearing like, oh, I’m learning how to cook or I’m learning how to clean my grout. So, I downloaded the app and didn’t really post, I was just a watcher in the beginning. And it was a really great way for me to kind of destressed, just because, you know, I’m sure this was a feeling for a lot of people. We were also scared during the pandemic, especially in the beginning. So, for me, it was just a way to wind down at the end of the day, get some laughs, you know, we learned some really great recipes for not only drinks, but you know, food, baking items. So that’s kind of how it went and started in beginning, I started posting some really cringy videos, and at first just because I was really new to the app, so I didn’t really know how to create these videos.

Martin: Are they still there?

Frankie: They are still there.

Martin: We have to go back.

Ronn: You have to keep the OG videos there.

Frankie: Yeah, you guys see, like the first five. It’s like, I don’t know what I was thinking. But like, I left them there just so that I can remember like where I started.

Ronn: Humble beginnings.

Frankie: Yeah, so they’re totally random. And then yeah, I posted two videos that literally went viral overnight, and that’s when this whole thing just snowballed into what it is now.

Martin: Okay, well, why don’t we dig into that a little bit? What was that viral Tik Tok that set you on your path?

Frankie: So, there was two. The first one I posted was a sound that became a really popular sound. It’s just, it’s funny because it has a very funny accent and all it involved was a plastic bottle with the latex glove. I took the bottle, I showed it to Robbie, my husband. When I pressed the bottle, the middle finger on the bottle popped up. And his reaction was just priceless. And everybody loves Robbie’s reactions. So, I wake up, that video was posted on a Saturday night like around 11pm. I wake up the next day, and that video literally got 4 million views overnight. I woke up to 33,000 followers, and I was like, oh my God, like people are now watching. And I kept seeing in the comments. When’s the next post, video.

Martin: No pressure?

Frankie: Yeah, so I started kind of venturing more into it and then I posted another video of another soundbite that was also popular, where basically it’s just a person interviewing the Coronavirus, and when I was the Coronavirus, quote, unquote, I was, had a filter of an alien. And that one got five and a half million views. So that’s where it all started. And I just, you know, I started seeing all these comments and getting the love and I’m like, oh my God, like this could be something and it just became an escape for me to be creative and it was really a platform where I could be myself and people seem to gravitate towards it. So yeah, I love that.

Ronn: That’s awesome. And like you mentioned like it was an outlet. So, I think that it served a good purpose right for you initially. Maybe not so much for Robbie in the beginning because he was a brunt of your jokes sometimes, but I love your journey.

Martin: Good sport, though.

Ronn: Total good sport and I love the journey that you guys are on like on a personal level. And I can’t wait for as we continue the podcast for people to hear just how things evolved from there and just you know, your success and all that stuff. So truly excited. So obviously with that being said, we know that Tik Tok is obviously a major buzzword. We heard it up game for our multifamily industry and so, in your opinion, Frankie, do you think our industry really has a true grasp for marketing on Tik Tok for apartments.

Frankie: So even myself, sometimes I feel totally lost even though I’ve had the platform my account for two years already. There are days where I’m just like, okay, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. There’s oftentimes to where like you see these really cool trends. And it’s very, very overwhelming. Sometimes when you don’t understand how the app works. I do think there’s a huge opportunity for multifamily, just given that. There’s not a lot of apartment buildings that utilize the app and I think there’s a great opportunity to really showcase, you know, especially if you have a property with great amenities or great interiors. People like to see beautiful things and especially when you know Tik Tok is very catered to a specific niche. So, people that like home decor, or if they’re looking for apartments, your ad most likely or not your ad, but your video will most likely show across those users. But I do feel that it’s so new, especially, you know, coming up with ideas and ways on how to utilize the app to promote your community.

Ronn: Yeah, for sure.

Martin: Right. So, what can communities do today to start a successful organic Tik Tok marketing campaign for their communities?

Frankie: So I really think the best approach here is just to dive right in, you know, I think it’s one of those things where the more you play with the app, the more comfortable you get, and, you know, rather than just sitting there thinking about like, okay, like, should I do it, should I not, just do it, keep a look at what’s trending, whether it be sounds or you know, a video layout or format. Incorporating in your own way, just making sure that you know, it’s your property is unique to the video itself. So, although you are kind of copying some similar trends to what you’re seeing on other Tik Tok videos, it will always come across as your own because you’re promoting your own business. Also making sure that you kind of think outside the box. Like if I was a community manager, and I heard about like a coffee shop or perhaps a really cool restaurant that just opened down the street. I would take my phone and record myself especially if it’s walking distance to the property, like just talk about oh my god, look, this coffee shop or whatever it might be. It just opened down the street. I’m gonna walk there, go get some coffee, just record the experience that we kind of get also the neighborhood involved within the community as well.

Ronn: That’s a great idea because oftentimes, we have obviously great photos and video footage, but it’s not too often that we can show the process expect, like, from your actual property to the coffee shop, like, are there pretty flowers or trees and you know, the winds blowing in your hair like whatever, like you don’t really have that connection. And I think this is a great example that you can.

Martin: Yeah, I think you want to share the community, you want to share the geolocation area, you know, what vibe and out there and what all the hotspots are. So that’s, you know, totally a lot of potential there.

Frankie: And, like a good tool for you know, like that coffee shop to be like, oh my god, you guys made a video on me. Let me promote you in my Instagram to have people follow you on Tik Tok or let me make a Tik Tok on you. So that’s a really great way to build organic views and following.

Ronn: And you know all about endorsements. Like free coffee. Imagine if you got free Starbucks.

Frankie: For life, I would be in heaven.

Ronn: Mister, I drive to Starbucks every morning before work. I love it. And you work from home? That’s awesome. All right. So, I know that we’ve talked about it as an agency. We’re going to talk a little bit more about that and you’ll definitely hear more from us on this podcast about how to do more and more Tik Toks. But I wanted to know about what technology do you need to record, to edit it also like any kind of apps or programs to produce really high quality Tik Toks that people are looking for now? And are you also limited by devices like anything you can share with us about that?

Frankie: Yeah, and it’s funny that we talked about this because, so prior to December, I had an iPhone X, I believe was called the Max X, I can’t know if it’s the 10 or the X. Anyways, I did notice that my video quality started getting a little grainy or compared to other creators on the app that had like iPhone 13 pros or, you know, much better quality videos on their phones. So, I noticed that my videos weren’t getting as much views as before. Well, I recently did update my phone to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and the cameras on here is amazing. Since doing this, I have seen my video quality improve. Also, video views have also improved a little bit again, I don’t know if it’s just solely pertaining to this, but it’s all visual. So if a person sees that the video is, you know, clear, they’re smooth transitions, are smooth walkthroughs, it’s going to promote better just because it’s more appealing rather than a grainy video that’s very shaky. So definitely having a good smartphone with a good camera makes a huge difference. I know I talked about smooth, you know, walkthroughs especially when you’re walking through apartments, I know sometimes your hands get a little shaky.

I did recently invest also in a gimbal, which is a stabilizer which is amazing. Your videos alone will be like they will look like they’re professionally produced. And it’s super easy to use. I think they’re like $80 on Amazon. But for other things, you know, let’s just say you’re filming in the apartments and you’re showing your face, there’s these really cool ring lights that clip onto your phone that make a really huge difference. Having a tripod, I also invested in a tripod with a ring light that’s pretty large as an 18-inch ring light. So that’s all of that together do really make some good quality videos because we want to make sure that your videos are bright, they’re light. Again, smooth, the sound is grades. So, utilizing all these tools will make it seem like you’re using, or you have this professional snippet of how to edit these videos. And Tik Tok has now made it so easy to edit the videos through the app. It’s all there, you can add multiple videos, so you don’t have to just film all the videos in the app itself. You can use your camera app alone in your phone, and then upload those clips onto one video on tick tock and that makes it super easy to trim each video to only show what you want to show. So, they’ve come a long way from the beginning when I first started.

Ronn: What about microphones? Do you have to invest in audio quality to or is it iPhone good enough?

Martin: I think the iPhone is good enough. I do think you just have to be careful of not filming when it’s really windy because it does.

Ronn: That’s true.

Frankie: You’re that across on your videos. I don’t have a microphone attachment to my iPhone, but I have seen other creators that have bought them. And you know they could make a difference but unless you’re just filming inside you should be fine. And I do think you know if you’re creating a video outside you can always mute that video. So, you just use the sound, and you can always voice record over that video if you’re showcasing you know, a courtyard or the pool whatever it may be.

Ronn: True that, that’s a great tip right there.

Martin: Like that. Yeah, and those gimbals really do come in handy, I was actually gifted one of those. And so, when we go on hikes or we go traveling, you know, little road trips, those things really produce some high-quality video that if you don’t have that it doesn’t make a big difference.

Frankie: Yeah, they’re amazing. I think it’s the smartest investment, especially if you’re, I mean, for a like, apartment filming kit, I think it would be a must.

Martin: Yeah. So, you know, when new users are getting ready to do Tik Toks, especially our communities, the on-site team, it can be pretty intimidating, especially those that can be a little shy. And just coming up with new ideas for Tik Toks. It can seem a little overwhelming, do you have any tips or insights for, for anybody, maybe wanting to learn more about that?

Frankie: Yeah. So, this is a challenge that even I faced in the beginning, you know, having to see yourself or listen to your voice in a recording can be very daunting. Some people like myself, I don’t always like listening to the sound of my voice. But it can be really intimidating to when you kind of think then you see everything, and it gets overwhelming. When there’s so many ideas in your head, I would just make sure that you start with what you feel would be comfortable and natural to you. So, whether you start with just maybe like an introduction of yourself in your office staff, I think that would be great. Because when these people are viewing your videos, you know, down the road, if they become a resident, they want to know who they’re dealing with. So, if you come across on this video introducing yourself, they see your personality, they say, oh my god, you know, I love Amber, she looks so nice. And I would love to see her when I come in for a you know, like a maintenance request or paying my rent. But you know, just starting off with even copying videos that have already done well on other creators, copy those videos or the format of those videos and most likely, your video will also do well just because it did, already do well for the other creator. And it’s not like copying per se, it’s just copying the idea in the format. And as you start seeing these trends, if you see the trend, a trending sound that you could utilize to showcase your apartment, you can also start there. So just take baby steps, get comfortable with the app, get comfortable with you being on camera, and then slowly but surely, you’ll get that momentum and that confidence to want to keep doing these videos.

Martin: Yeah, now that now about hashtags? Do they play a role? Are they important or categories? I think we mentioned, you mentioned apartment rentals was now a new category or something. Can you speak on that?

Frankie: Yes, hashtags do help out a lot, especially in the beginning, when you don’t have a follower. Like me, I focus on like cooking or couple challenges. So, I want to make sure that when Tik Tok season I’m uploading this app, it’s clear to what I’m trying to portray and what audience I’m trying to target after. So having like an apartment or hashtag, or even having the property name as the hashtag would be huge, because anyone that could, you know, potentially start making Tik Tok while they’re living on your property, and they utilize that hashtag, you will forever have that folder within Tik Tok for other people to go in there and see the building. Having the location as or the neighborhood as the hashtag as well would be huge because we want to make sure that we’re reaching an audience within that city or neighborhood.

Martin: That’s amazing.

Frankie: And a good tip to do there too is having like, for even up to six hashtags would be beneficial. So, in the beginning with my journey, what I would do is I would do for hashtags that were specific to me. So, for example, like crock pot recipe, cooking, cook with me, Tik Tok recipe. So those were four very specific hashtags that were around my video. And then also there’s a page on Tik Tok called the Discovery page, where essentially, it’s just a library of what’s trending and it’s trending sounds, trending hashtags, trending filters. So, you can start implementing those trending hashtags within your videos in the beginning as well to kind of kickstart the momentum of how many views your videos get.

Ronn: I think that’s awesome, too, because are hashtags. They really give a life beyond the actual tick tock itself, right? So, if people continue to search for that hashtag in the future, it can give your video more life and those trending sounds. They’re hilarious. Yeah, that’s the thing. They can get me in when it comes to watching Tik Tok and it’s like okay, how did this person do it differently from this, you know, sound and for our industry, I think it could be fun for the different apartment communities to use those sounds just create their own version of it. I think that’s what gets you want to see more and more and more. Yep. So, one of the biggest questions I have, and I think this is for our whole, I’m asking this question for our entire industry. And for everybody listening, and for many people that were at AIM, and I’m sure we’re about to go to our National Apartment Association events next, later on this month is, is it best? This is huge. Is it best for the onsite team to perform and upload the Tik Tok themselves, or to hire creators or influencers? That’s a great question right now.

Frankie: this is a great, great question. I think all hands-on deck on the onsite team is huge. It is good to have a mixture of both. But keep in mind when, so I’ll give you a perfect example. Whenever I do videos, where I work with an agency, and I’m getting paid to post, my followers know, okay, this video is very different than your cooking or couple comedy video, that’s telling me something. So those views often are much, much lower than what I’m usually typically, you know, seeing across in my analytics.

Ronn: So, I say like, as authentic, you think?

Frankie: it’s just I think the user is smart enough now to know if it’s a paid video that you’re getting paid to do. So, like, for example, let’s say it can be myself to like, if I got hired for a building here in Riverside to go and film, my video, my watchers would know, like, okay, well, this is different. I don’t know, like, let me just skip through this because most likely Frankie’s going to tell me, hey, come live here, because it’s so beautiful and amazing. And sometimes, like, they know, like, it’s not always authentic, I could say. But I do think having a mixture of both would be good, because obviously with these influencers and creators that, you know, they already have a following, they know how the app works, they will deliver some good quality high content videos. So, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to utilize them. But I do think that having the onsite team showcasing the apartment, and what makes it so unique to that specific neighborhood is much more beneficial than having to pay out of pocket to hire creators or influencers.

Martin: Definitely, I think it’s important and you have to keep a blend, you know, keep in mind, your audience and the products that you’re promoting, right. So, if you’re currently promoting something that’s totally off topic, then you’re right, the amount of impressions and activity will go down versus you maybe you have like a Frankie, Robbie, exclusive crock pot with your you know, white labeled, private labeled crock pot that you guys would offer, you know, that might perform a little bit better, right?

Frankie: Yeah. And honestly, like I maybe this is just an idea to that. Let’s say there’s a creator that’s heavily or is focused on home decor, maybe collaborating with let’s say her name is Sarah. Hey, Sarah, can you come by my apartment? I have this empty, vacant unit. How would you decorate it? Here’s the budget to decorate the apartment. Then Sarah can go on her Tik Tok and be like, hey, I got this task. There’s an empty one bedroom at you know, the ground department. Here is how I transformed it. I think stuff like that would be amazing. Because they’ll before and after is such a huge impact, especially when it comes to home decor because that means on Tik Tok is huge.

Ronn: I love those. Yeah, the benefit for our industry too, is that we are actually selling a lifestyle. We’re not just renting or selling apartments, right. I think to your point about like giving like that beautiful thing. You could sell the lifestyle in a beautiful background, even if it’s not beautiful. If it’s an aged property, VEC product, you can really still salvage dream.

Martin: Yep. Oh, yeah. So how often do new tick tock creators need to be posting on the platform and does the geolocation of their actual you know, phone and you know, whether they’re in their main location, or if they’re traveling outside of that area? Does that matter as well.

Frankie: So, with my journey, in the beginning, and again, when I started Tik Tok, it was much different than what it is now. So, my journey is very unique to me, but in the beginning, and I did hire a mentor myself to kind of just like, see what I need and just get some tips. And honestly, everything I did, really paid out to be beneficial. So, for myself, in the beginning, I would post up to six times a day. I know that’s very, very challenging, especially when you know, you have a leasing agent who’s focusing on renting apartments and their day-to-day basis or tasks as well. So, I think too, it would be good to maybe do one post per week with a community Tik Tok page. Again, With the community Tik Tok page, you know what your niche is right from the get-go. Like, I had to kind of play around and experiment to see what would work with me and what would stick to the followers that I was reaching out to. So, I tested a few different niches here and there until I found, you know, two or three that really fit what my followers were looking for, and something that I enjoyed doing. But with the apartment, Tik Tok page, you pretty much know like, okay, I just want to make sure that people are seeing my product, and eventually have them go to my website and move in. So, I think maybe once a week would be a good start. And then as you start getting more followers, you can narrow it down to maybe three or four times per week. But you do want to be consistent on the app, because that does. That’s how it works. Tik Tok likes to see you creating and uploading videos, because the long run goal is to have Tik Tok reach out to as many users to keep them on the app.

Martin: Yeah, and keeping it consistent, right? And do you recommend if they’re doing say, five tick tock a week, one daily that they actually create and perform that Tik Tok the day of or is it better for them to maybe batch it to save time?

Frankie: It all depends, you know, with scheduling, if you guys have a day where you’re free and there’s less things to do, maybe doing four videos, what’s great about Tik Tok is you can create the videos and save them in your drafts. So, when you’re ready to post, you just go into your app, go on that draft and post it. So, and also the timing, when you post these videos do make a big difference. anywhere between like 11 to one ish when people are at lunch would be a good time to post that way, you know that on lunch breaks, they can hopefully see your videos.

Ronn: I think that’s definitely good advice. And yeah, definitely six times a day is obviously a lot, but you got to give the people what the people want, right? So, you have to really build your audience at first. And I’m sure many of our new users here will need to do the same. But with that being said, so six sounds like a lot. But how much time do you have to spend creating one video.

Frankie: So, again, in the beginning, it did take me a long time. However, again, Tik Tok has done so much within their app to make the video editing so easy. On average, I probably spend about like 10 minutes to edit a video, some of them are much faster, because, you know, I just talk about whatever it may be, and I just upload it. But they have really cool features now where you can do captions within the videos, which is also great because if someone you know if they can’t, if they don’t have hearing, they can still watch your video because they can read the captions. So that’s another good thing to utilize is because you want to make sure that you’re targeting as many different kinds of audiences as possible. The longer videos do take longer, you know, for example, with me when I do cooking videos, those do take a board sometimes up to like 20 minutes to edit. But when it comes to like apartment tours, I think it would be a faster process. So, I would say somewhere between 10 to 15 minutes would be an average of where I see myself editing for videos.

Martin: So, you know, I’ve been when using Facebook, Instagram, scrolling through it, you know that it hasn’t been too long, you know, with Tik Tok rise and everything I’m seeing it become more and more like Tik Tok, they’re blatantly copying and trying to pretty much just take exactly for what they’re doing and bring it over to their platform. I think they’re starting to feel the pressure a little bit. You know, they say copying is a form of flattery, but what do you think about all that?

Frankie: Yeah, I mean, I definitely agree that they’re feeling the pressure. I still think Tik Tok is dominating the, you know, the video space. I just think people like video in general rather than images. I do think it’s a good way to also incorporate your Tik Tok videos and uploading them as Instagram reels. Because I mean, let’s face it, there’s millions of users that still use Instagram. So, I do post my best Tik Tok. I save them and then I upload them to Instagram reels. The only thing though is, whenever something is trending on Tik Tok, you usually see that same trend weeks behind on Instagram. So, you know, if you really want to keep up with the trends and making sure that you’re out there and exposing yourself, focusing on Tik Tok would be much more beneficial and then of course, uploading them afterwards on to the Instagram platform.

Martin: Is there also something to keep in mind where when you send it from Tik Tok to Instagram, you don’t really want the watermark because I know Tik Tok does the watermark, I think that.

Frankie: yeah, so there’s different ways to do this. So, when I create videos and I’m physically speaking in the video, what I do is before I post that video in Tik Tok, you’re able to preview the video on tick tock, and what I’ll do is I screen record that video in the Tik Tok platform. I save it to my camera roll and then I upload that to Instagram reels. However, if I’m doing a video where I’m you know, giving a tour of my bedroom, and it’s just music, there’s no speaking, there’s an app, a website called Snap tick, where you can copy the URL of that video after it’s been posted on Tik Tok. You copy and paste that URL into this website, download it, and it downloads the video without the watermark.

Martin: Nice and that’ll help with the algorithm help give it a little more exposure, because if they see it’s coming from Tik Tok, then you don’t get as much exposure, right?

Frankie: Yeah, no, and I’ve done that myself personally, where like, I upload a video just to test it with the Tik Tok watermark on Instagram reels and it gets like 300, 400 views.

Ronn: That’s awesome. And how do you know or how do you quantify what is your best Tik Tok? Do you wait for the Tik Tok to just get all this engagement and then post it or are you simultaneously posting it to Instagram?

Frankie: So, I wait a couple days at times. Like if I see the video has gotten over like let’s just say 100,000 views on my Tik Tok platform. I know okay, cool like this. Obviously, people liked it so let me post that on Instagram reels. So, it’s always like, maybe like three, five days behind but they generally do well on Instagram as well. It’s just the organic view compared you know, Tik Tok compared to Instagram is way different because on Tik Tok you know, I’ll get let’s just say 200,000 views but then on Instagram, it’ll be like 20,000 views, so there is a big variation on how many views you get organically on both platforms.

Ronn: Wow, that’s awesome. Great. This is great. By the way, I think I was looking at the ticker and I think this is our longest podcast so far. I think this is like information field. Frankie you’re obviously a subject matter expert in the field. Congratulations on your success. So excited about being able to present this for the industry TikTok marketing for apartments, we personally plan as apartment SEO to continue down our journey obviously, we made a commitment the three of us and many other supporters in the company and even our clients is you know and industry to try to find the best strategies to guide the industry into a you know, visually immersive marketing platform. Let’s call it right. So, with that being said, Frankie, if people want to find you, if they probably already know, but if where can they find him on Tik Tok?

Frankie: So, my username is Frankly, Robbie. So, it’s Frankly Robbie on Tik Tok, so I will be posting a little.

Martin: Yeah. And that’s Robbie, R O B B I E.

Frankie: Yes, thank you for clarifying that. So yeah, it’s just fun. You know, a lot of cooking videos. There are some stuffs on there. You know, where I prank my husband, but it’s just all fun and games.

Martin: Yeah, so guys, community, please check them out. Frankly, Robbie on Tik Tok. And you know, feel free to give them a shout out, give them a comment and check out some of their videos. Again, Frankie, thank you so much for joining the show today and maybe we can have you on again. And when we start talking a little more about more Tik Tok strategies and possibly even Tik Tok ads. So, until next. Yeah, totally right. So, until next time, you can find us and subscribe at multifamily podcast.com We’re on iTunes, Spotify, all the big podcast brands. So come and check us out. And also, if you have a website that you have a community website and you need a marketing analysis, so you can head over to apartment seo.com and get your free marketing analysis today. So, until next time, everybody have a great day.

Ronn: Thank you guys have a good one.

Frankie: Bye guys.