MFP and ASEO Wrapping Up 2022 & More Apartment Marketing Trends and Strategies

Speakers: Ronn and Martin

Martin: All right, everybody. Welcome back to the multifamily podcast with Ronn and Martin. I can’t believe how fast 2022 has gone by. So today we’ll be doing an overall review of 2022, and what 2023 has in store for the multifamily podcast and apartment SEO, then we will share some of the latest apartment marketing strategies and trends from SMX Next, and I’ll get into what that is but, before all that, Ronn, first off, can you share some urine highlights for our audience around multifamily trends and overall business growth at apartment SEO and other things you’ve been seeing?

Ronn:  Yeah, for sure. Hey, guys, thanks for joining us. I’m so excited. And yeah, Martin, you’re right. I cannot believe we are talking 2023 already. Wrapping up 2022. Wrapping it up with a bang, I’ll say straight out the gate. Right? I’m so excited about what the year what we encountered. But what’s interesting about it is that I think that we can all agree that it was still, like three years running, have a very unusual year, and trying to navigate traditional business, right? But once again, I always praise our industry, when people talk about like the market in the economy and all of the above. Once again, multifamily real estate proved to be a solid industry to work in and with and especially as a supplier partner. So, we’re very grateful and appreciative of the business opportunities we have here in multifamily for apartment SEO. Residents continue to move amid the ongoing flexibility to work remote, which is awesome, right? It’s giving more people options to move; it keeps traffic going. Some are even returning to the big cities is what I’m learning, following the slight exodus in 2020, when people were moving out of the big cities, people are now moving in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, obviously, where it’s affordable. That being said rent growth obviously seemed to, I mean, we’ve had some record rent increases over the last three to five years. It’s been amazing. But it seems like from what I understand rent growth is now seeming to level off some in the third quarter and many others in the fourth quarter, traffic also did the same. Roughly I know there was some people that were concerned about traffic slowing down like late second quarter. I think that more people saw it probably as we got closer to this. And I think there’s just a lot of factors there. My prediction is I don’t think we have too much to worry about. As far as, I mean, it’s going to look different on books, I can promise you that, you know, for investors, for asset managers, when you see that you can’t get that rent growth, you see some occupancies, some variances there. It looks concerning, but I believe that there’s still a shortage. There’s we need more product out there. I think we have a lot of room for residents to move in. And I’m really excited about that. As I mentioned, record rent increases for years. So, I think what we’re going to see is basically more of like a stabilization. I think we’ve already started seeing that, you know, I would say that we all had a good, I’m an investor as you know, Martin and I know you are to in real estate, invest in multifamily. I’ve seen the benefits. We’ve had the great dividends for many quarters in the last few years. And I think now we’re going to probably just see some stabilization. So, we’re going to be okay, you know, when it comes to apartment SEO, I’m so excited to report that we’ve seen more growth this year than even before the pandemic, we continue to move the dial in revenue and rooftops and in personnel across the country. Because now we are 100% remote based employer. So, we have way more people and friends and family in our company across the country. So, we’re real excited about that.

Martin: Thank you for those Ronn, I love all those different highlights that you mentioned. I mean, obviously, I love how the multifamily industry is so resilient. No matter the ups and downs. It seems like the industry always comes together, adapts, and continues to evolve, no matter what is kind of brought our way. 

Ronn: Yeah, for sure. 

Martin: So, we know the multifamily podcast is currently 15 episodes in since the reboot. And we have had some great guests on the show. We’ve talked on a wide array of topics ranging from Apartment Marketing, Tik Tok, leasing automation, also having plenty of powerhouse guests, who really understand Property Management even down to land investing. So, if you haven’t had a chance to check out all of the latest episodes, take a listen to some of the recent episodes you haven’t had a chance to check out yet. You can be sure we will continue to keep bringing you top tier guests from the multifamily industry to be on our show. With that being said, Ronn, where do you see the multifamily podcast going in 2023?

Ronn: So, like you mentioned 15 new episodes in. That’s amazing! We’ve done a few, a couple of the few a month which is exciting. Had some amazing guests. Some of my favorite people have already been on the podcast. Some of my favorite people we’ve already spoken to, or I just piqued their interest. As some of you listening there, if I haven’t touched base with you. Give a brother a call. Let’s get on here. Let’s talk. We have a lot to discuss again. Let me, just in light of that recap I gave you about where the world is in and around multifamily. I think that’s what we need to talk about, you know, the economy is going to continue to just, you know, put a question in our heads every, probably after every business day, like, are we good? Are we still good? So, I think we need to really just like educate, that’s where I want the podcast to go. We’re always wanted that, especially in this reboot, is we have a lot, there’s a lot of noise out there. Let’s say that, right. So, I want to just bring in some subject matter experts, to really just like plan it down and just keep it real. Keep it how it is. We’ve had some amazing thought leaders, that was our commitment when we rebooted it, like you said, we have so many others that, people that have like, been there done that in the industry, people that started from the bottom, and now they’re leading organizations, women in business, women in tech, minority in business, you name it, I want to talk about it. You know, I think that, again, just education is key. We’re such a close-knit industry and the conferences are great for that. I think you get segmented conversations, and segmented sessions, if you can attend them all, which sometimes it’s impossible. So, I would really love to know that the multifamily a podcast is a vehicle for information. 

Martin: Yeah, and I think that part of the thing, you know, with us going to some of these conferences, you know, I’ll be departmentalized, we got approved for the presentation on short form video. So that’ll be happening in 2023. And we’re hoping to get some interviews while we’re at these conferences, as well, little, short snippet interviews, to bring new professionals on to the show and you know, get the word out and get that education and really push the envelope and new strategies for, you know, the whole multifamily industry. So, we are really excited for the upcoming conference season. 

Ronn: For sure. 

Martin: So, let’s get into new updates for apartment SEO, in 2022 and beyond. So, moving into 2023, we have a lot of exciting things happening around the ASC, a website platform utilized with the SEO product, making sure to keep the deep content strategy, I’ll be getting into some SMX Next trends where we talk about EAT, which is expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness and how to build that content strategy up. Obviously, ADA compliance is going to be a major push into 2023 and beyond, you know, around making sure the website itself is compliant at WA WCAG. You know, 2.0 standard is probably going to be where you’re gonna want to be. Overall social strategy, making sure to push out Google posts to make sure your communities are publishing and staying on top of the game there, because all the content within there is you know, indexable by Google, all the responses and reviews that you get, those are all opportunities to be shown in Google Maps. So, you know, anything outside of that, you know, we’re going to be continuing to improve all parts of the products, to make sure that we keep an SEO first mindset. Also, a, you know, a strong content, deep content strategy to where we’re building relevancy for the communities, and then also making them really an authority for the local area that they serve. Ronn, what do you have to add for apartment SEO and things on the horizon?

Ronn: Yeah, that’s amazing. Well, I did, I definitely wanted to have a couple of bragging points, and share and while you already know, but remind you that we are approaching our 10-year anniversary, I seriously cannot believe that 10 years of our life, my life, I think my beard was black before now it’s like gray, so I think…

Martin: I did have hair too. 

Ronn: You’re right. But you know, what a little fun fact, Martin, and I, it was Thanksgiving 10 years ago already, that we finally sat down and we’re like, okay, let’s talk business. You know, we instead let’s talk business without like a cocktail in our hand, let’s just like really have a business meeting and we did, it was roughly around between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think it was sort of literally about 10 years already. April is our 10-year anniversary, when we were approved for LSC. And then you know, as the history goes, I quit my job like in May, and said, let me, let’s just try this. I mean, you know, we went in it to this day, self-funded, a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get this far, we’ve had multiple groups of people that have worked for us, some amazing friends in the industry still to this day, so many people have come through our doors, so many. What I’m most proud about in the 10 years is, there’s so many people that have launched their careers with us, still with us at that, for that matter, and also some that have since left but they still are in their career of choice. And some of that came by way of their learnings at apartment SEO. So, I’m really excited about that, you know, we continue to give back a lot to our industry and around our industry and charitable contributions. I’m really proud of our name that we built Martin and I think that it goes to say you know, our characters as far as like just being really humble, hardworking people, that really care a lot about our friends and family. And I really hope that our culture can continue to say that. I think they already have for the last four years, one of the other fun facts is, we’ve won. And just, I just accepted the award a couple of weeks ago at the innovation council summit, for best places to work in multifamily. So excited about that for the fourth year in a row. So really excited about that. For those that don’t know, best places to work is an amazing. I know, there’s a few out there. But this one, through the Innovation Summit is amazing, where they, it’s completely employee-based surveys, anonymous, one of the best things I like about the product is that we get the feedback thereafter. And we have made some monumental strides to just be even better. What’s crazy about it is that we entered the first time, I think it was 2019, then the pandemic happens, right? So, I remember thinking, like, are people still excited to work for us, like, you know, I mean, we were all remote, there was no activities, we couldn’t do any kind of like, you know, our annual retreats, couldn’t do our kickoffs, we couldn’t even do a happy hour, right? And then we kept winning. And so, I’m really excited. I think we got number 12 this year, and we’ve gone up and down, I’ll say that. And that’s just indicative of I think any good business right, is you can always win top place, but we are certainly striving for that. So, I’m really excited about the best places to work, and totally applaud our employees for having a voice. And as I mentioned to them on my acceptance speech internally, you know, this is dedicated to them. And it is all because of them that we are here, even though we had the initial idea 10 years ago, we would not be still thriving and surviving if it wasn’t for our great employees. But one thing I want to focus on is continuing to build an intentional culture of growth and inspiration in the workplace, as an employee centric organization. So those are the little things that are near and dear to my heart as far as ASEO in 2022 and beyond.

Martin: Yeah, I’m so ready. Let’s bring it on. 10 years, baby, I cannot believe how fast that went by. I mean, that’s like, more than a quarter of my life right there. And you know, so much more to do. And I really look forward to 2023. And what it has instore for us.

Ronn: I mean, that’s it, like that just having a business for 10 years. But the business we’re in again multifamily, first of all, and marketing. And you know, just with tech stacks and the innovation that’s going on in the world, it just is so inspiring still.

Martin: Yeah, to keep that momentum going. So, Ronn what can our clients expect from apartment SEO going into 2023? Any new products or initiatives that we should mention?

Ronn: Yeah, so I’m really excited. Again, there’s just so much to learn. I think I personally have learned a lot personally and professionally for the last three years, I’ve considered the pandemic, my downtime, to just be still, I think a lot of us just were forced to just, you know, obviously stay within the confinement of our four walls. When you look back at it, it’s like, wait, what, when was that? Because we’re so busy. Now, I think we’re getting back to that. So, one of the things obviously, Martin, as you know, when we first started the company, the idea was just to be the best in class, search marketing agency. And then quickly, we realized what we knew going in, that we needed to be the best-in-class full-service agency, like, you know, web branding, search, social reputation, because all of it is indicative of building a true brand equity. So, really proud that we, what we said we’re going to do, we set out to do it, right? We’ve constantly worked on our evolution with innovation and insight about what is the future. And that’s kind of the question I’m asking myself over the next couple of weeks and happen is, what is the future of the marketing agency or marketing partner look like? With the downtime of the pandemic, it was really helpful to work on, look internally and want to work on our tech stack. So, to answer your question in 2023, we are officially going to be launching our, so we’ve been working on our tech stack, we’ve been officially launching our self-serve software and platform as a service solution in for websites and even digital ads. Little shameless plug, if you are interested, contact us for more information. We’re doing, currently doing demos and even have beta open, still have open beta opportunities as well. So really excited about that. We’ve worked with some developers that Google themselves, introduced us to as a Google premier partner. We sat on that idea for right before the pandemic and then the pandemic hit. And I’m like, why not? Let’s just you know, we were able to save money too, because we weren’t out and about, so able to reinvest in ourselves and just build a stronger company. We’ve also grown our sales team. So, for the first time ever, we have a lot more people feet on the streets, really excited about that. So, we’re really hopeful to have more expansion of our reach. And then obviously, I think AI, we use that term often we kind of it’s very loosely used. But one of the things that we’ve done is, we needed to further enhance our tech enabled services obviously, and offerings and make us more efficient. With using technology, the efficiency isn’t just for our own goodness, but it makes us scalable. But what I look at is, we’re able to focus our time and energies more on service. And I think that’s where every good agency or a good company, is why they thrive is when you can provide good service. So, some of the good, the AI stuff that we’ve developed and custom configured for our industry include like wickedly Smart Content Creator, it’s so crazy how technology has evolved, as Martin mentioned, and will continue to talk about deep content, we cannot have enough of it, again, in every element and search, social websites, all of the above, you need to really have engaged content. We have a great management tool for websites, social and search. And then one of the things I’m excited about, I know you are too, because that’s kind of part of your team is the budget pacing tool for digital ads, again, to make you guys wickedly smart, and much more efficient. So, we have that and many, much, much more in the works. And so obviously, as you can tell, I’m Chatty Cathy, I really love what we’re up to.

Martin: Bring it on. So, what I can get into now, I have had a chance to go through SMX Next, a lot of good modules. So, this is a virtual conference, that is yearly. And so, it’s very important that we stay abreast to like what’s going on in the search industry, what’s going on with Google. And so, we make sure to bring outside industry to the multifamily industry. And so SMX Next is a big part of that. So, I wanted to highlight some of the sessions that I’ve gone through, some of the key takeaways that I think our audience should really know about. So, let’s get into some of these session highlights. First of is to focus on an acronym, it’s called EAT stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. And in Google’s eyes, you know, you have to be very careful, like back in the day, it was all about directories and citations. And of course, they still matter. But really, you want to focus just on the big core citations, you know, Google, the Yelps, Facebooks and things like that. The low value citations really just they don’t offer as much of a value anymore. And so, you really want to focus on becoming an author and a publisher. So, your communities, they have an opportunity to actually publish on their websites, their blogs, their Google business profile, even on LinkedIn, they have a way to blog now. So it’s really important that communities push out content and become an expert in their local area, and push out, we call it deep content, because a lot of our clients in a lot of cases have what we call thin content, where it’s just not enough information there, for Google to understand what the page is about where there may be located in and sometimes, you know, we have communities trying to, you know, target multiple cities in, you know, in their in one area. So, we have to help them come up with the content strategy, more silo strategy to build out, you know, their core location pages, sub location pages, and really build a deep content strategy to talk about different areas, sub areas, features, amenities, so we can really tell Google what the website is about. And so, they can reward them with better rankings and increase that user experience and keep them engaging on the website longer. And so, EAT is going to be a big part of that and your content strategy. So, with the rise of AI content, it’s still going to be important to really plug in your own mindset into that, you might be able to use AI to help guide you and come up with ideas. But at the same time, you also want to enhance that AI content with your own spin on it, and have strategies in place to make sure you’re not getting dinged because Google can pick up with the Google fresh content update, they can pick up on AI type of content, and you don’t want to be, you know, slapped on the hand or get your website banned for something like that, for something that could have been something as simple as just coming up with your own, you know, quality content?

Ronn: We all have to EAT. 

Martin: So, it’s definitely, EAT is a big thing for 2023. Also, you know, Google wants to ensure you know, low quality and low authority content isn’t really shown to users. So, at the end of the day, it’s about you guys being empathetic to your specific users and create content for them. And you want to stay away from thin content. So, show Google that you actually did your research, and really, you know, good examples, or like, you know, maybe apartment lists,, they put together these really enhanced pages, obviously, you probably don’t have to go that deep. But you could still come together and build you know, specific location pages and build authority for really strong keywords and kind of create a pillar strategy on your website structure and architecture to really help bring your A game and give you a chance, give your communities a chance to actually rank in Google Maps a little bit better, over time. Also, visual content. Google is becoming more of a visual search engine. So, the rise of short form video, like YouTube shorts and Tik Tok, and even long form video on YouTube. Because you know, right now you can rank YouTube videos organically on Google, they could rank on Google search engine. YouTube shorts, currently, they rank really good on YouTube, but it’s only a matter of time before they’re ranked on Google’s search engine as well. I’m not seeing that currently happening, but I know it’s just a matter of time. Also, keep in mind that Google is a mobile first index search engine. So, anything you produce for Google, 70% plus of your traffic will be mobile. So, making sure your mobile site is loading, you know, three seconds or less. And that the experience there is probably your first focus. That’s what you’re gonna want to make your main initiative on. Obviously, desktop is going to be important too. But Google is a mobile first index. So, you really want to make sure your mobile site is really up to par, ADA friendly, and compliant. So, you don’t get any dings there. Also, accessibility, that’s going to matter big time and 2023. It’s essential for everyone to have access to the website, no matter their disability or temporary disability. People with disabilities control lots of value as well and purchasing decisions. So, if you leave them out, you’re leaving out opportunities to actually lease an apartment. You know, common issues that you want to look out for on accessibility, have to do with like discernable links, making sure your links are, people know, when they look at a link, they read a link, they know where they’re gonna go. Image alt text is a very common one, just making sure to have alt text and a strong description. So, when screen readers look at the image, and the actual software will read the information back to the user. Another thing is for people with colorblindness, or maybe they wear glasses, or they have certain issues in sufficient color contrast, that’s another big thing that you’re gonna want to look out for. And then last but not least, certain overlays are somewhat of a band aid. But I have seen some recently that are a lot better quality, but you have to be careful on the type of overlays you are using, because most of them are somewhat of a mandate, really your websites at the core of their code should be ADA compliant, when you run through the testers. And so ideally, you don’t want to need an overlay. You just want your website to be ADA compliant, but there are some more premium ones you could possibly use. But overall, that the common trend will probably be to try to stay away from that and just have your website actually be ADA friendly in itself. Last part that I think is really important to mention is schemas and FAQ. So, schema, if I know the majority of the audience probably don’t code websites or do HTML. But all schema is a way to tell on a website that you know, your community is a physical location, it is an address; it is an apartment community. So, schema is just a markup language, to where you can help tell Google what certain things are about your actual entity. So, for a community, you’re going to have an address, that could be schema, you’re going to have floor plans, you have special schema for that, your different amenities that you offer, that’s the type of schema. And so, you have different schemas that you can mark up your website to tell Google exactly and help them understand really what your web content is and helps boost your Knowledge Graph. And actually, on average, you can see a 28% average increase in traffic from an organic channel, when you actually have schemas properly implemented. And then also FAQs. You know, Google q&a, you know, we are utilizing Google q&a, we don’t see a ton of engagement with users actually posting questions and, you know, in some cases responding, but we are seeing a rise and we would recommend our clients do have FAQ is on their website, so having their own FAQ section for commonly asked questions. So that’s where you can get that question and content on the website. And that’ll give you more opportunities for longtail keywords, and opportunities to be shown there. So, there’s just some quick highlights across what some of the sessions I’ve been checking out. I still have some more modules to go through. So, when I go through some more of those, I’ll definitely share some more of them. But yeah, that’s pretty much it. What do you what do you think of that, Ronn?

Ronn: That’s amazing. No, definitely some great nuggets that you shared with our audience. I think that’s amazing. And it’s a great testimony to why we go to outside industry conferences, probably more so than for our own knowledge. I mean, some of the stuff that you’re talking about, that you learned, I know that you’ve had at play for a while now, even before this conference. So, I was a little proud pop up behind the scenes listening right now to some of those nuggets, but I definitely agree. I mean, those are great things from the video content. I think we’ve been preaching that for how long Martin, I mean, as a search marketing agency, like probably the majority of our existence, right, especially as a Google premier partner, Google has always referenced, you know, the value of YouTube in particular. But now, like you mentioned, the shorts is highly popular. I don’t know if it’s easier to do, we’re still to be determined by that. But it definitely, you can do a lot more segments in probably the same amount of time, you would do a longer video.

Martin: Yeah, it’s gonna be a little bit more work, the short form video and all that good stuff, but I think you know, those who take advantage of it now, they’re gonna have such an opportunity for growth while everyone’s trying to catch up and keep up, you know, after the fact. So, there’s a big opportunity now to take advantage of it and, you know, be the first movers and get that traffic, you know, because there’s great opportunities there. And you know, YouTube’s really competing with Tik Tok and YouTube has the reach, you remember, YouTube is the second largest search engine. So, you know, Tik Tok is great and all, but if you can rank your YouTube videos and your YouTube shorts on YouTube, for like luxury apartments Santa Monica, apartments with ocean views and start ranking in YouTube and Google, like YouTube is a search engine, it’s going to be a visual search engine. And of course, it’s been incorporated and indexed by Google. So really, it’s just, I think it’s a win-win when you can link to the description, in the actual YouTube, you link to your website, or landing page or UTM code, you put your link, your name, address, phone number in there and a brief description, you tag your videos with the different keywords and you know, then it’s only a matter of time before they kind of just take off YouTube videos get indexed pretty much right away. When you upload them, they’re pretty much indexed instantly, because there’s so much content on YouTube that is just indexed constantly. So, much opportunity, and you can embed all the videos on different websites and blogs, and you know, expanded out that way. So… 

Ronn: I got to talk about content, right for your own website and your updated website.

Martin: And ya know, and that’s actually part of my goal, which I’ll get into, but you know, I know, you know, we’re moving into, you know, 2023. So, wrapping up the year, Ronn, do you have any new year resolutions professionally or personally?

Ronn: You know, I always say it’s funny, you should ask that question. Because I always say that I don’t, I don’t need a new year to reinvent myself, I want to know that I can reinvent myself daily. And I try to like try to be better of a person professionally and personally than I was the day prior. But this year, I literally have had some time to think again, these pandemics, I mean, not that we’re busy, but I’ve had a little, I’ve learned some things to just have a moment of steel and quietness, at least once a week. So, with that, it actually has given me the opportunity to say okay, like, what does the new year look like? I kind of feel like I don’t know, another analogy, but like, you know, like, this is not a good one, because I want to say a snake shed it’s skin. Because I don’t feel like I’m a snake. But like, I feel like, yeah, I feel like there’s a layer being shed from like some of the, I’m gonna say the burdens we’ve carried over the last few years with this pandemic looming over us. And again, I’m looking at it from my lens as like an owner operator self-funded, so much vulnerabilities coming into the pandemic, walking through the pandemic, you know, in business as it is, as an employer, being, you know, with employees that we want to make sure we have that reach with them. So, I really feel like, okay, now let’s get back to business kind of thing, you know what I mean, we’ve done a lot of goodness in this timeframe. So, I kind of feel like let’s just shake off whatever that was, whether it’s another skin and really get into the new year. So, you know, professionally obviously continue to just be a place people want to work at, like best places to work, I’m honestly so inspired by that. I’m so inspired by the people that we have able to hire and especially being remote, I’ve said this to many of my contemporaries and counterparts out there, is the expansion opportunities of just your talent pool, when you could go across the country is amazing. So, I’m really proud of that, want to continue that double down, as you know, we have our growth pattern in place. Somewhere where people want to work personally, obviously, save more money, I’m a big saver. I live well, but I’m a big saver. And you know, in light of like, all the economic unrest that’s going out there, and all the talk and inflation and interest rates and all the above, you know, just you continue to have that big nest egg in the event something, you know, happens. Invest more in properties, like I do already. That’s my, we were talking about that earlier, and just you know, it’s a great thing. So those are kind of my goals. What about you?

Martin: So, and I like your analogy with the snakeskin and shedding you know, 10 years in, you know, I feel like it’s exactly like we have an opportunity for like a rebirth. So maybe it’s like more like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

Ronn: Okay, I like that better. 

Martin: You know, and I think we have a really good chance, a chance to just re, kind of like relook at everything and reexamine everything, you know, the past 10 years and kind of just give ourselves our own little rebirth and.

Ronn: and that’s it.

Martin: If we were starting fresh all over again, you know, how do we do this kind of thing?

Ronn: Yeah, ‘cause as I mentioned earlier, it was like, you know, the idea of like, what is the future of marketing period? And or marketing agency look like and then look like for our industry, right, or any industry for that matter, you know?

Martin: So yeah, no, overall, I want to continue to you know, try to build more brand equity for apartment SEO and the multifamily podcast. With me getting more in the short form video with the conference coming up. I also want to play around with our platform. So, I want to be able to take, say, our podcasts that we did for this year, I want to try to cut some of them up into little, short form video podcasts or, you know, short form videos on YouTube and TikTok and start experimenting with that to see if we can get more traffic to the multifamily podcasts, we’ll have a way for them to kind of cross market each other. If we can put our old episodes with like really good highlights, from like snippets short snippets of 30 seconds to a minute and start getting links back to our multifamily We should be able to grow and get even more subscribers over time. So that’s one strategy. Also, I want to be able to speak at more conferences. We got booked for apartmentalize, waiting to hear back from AIM and also be doing multifamily social media. So, I’m excited about talking about Google My Business and Napa in 2023. So, if you haven’t been to Napa, from social media, multifamily social media, it’s definitely one that we suggest checking out. It’s very intimate, smaller conference, but you get a lot of bang for your buck, and you meet a lot of great professionals at the place as well. And you get to drink wine. So, it’s a win-win. I want to continue to educate myself on the latest department marketing trends, strategies to bring them over to the multifamily industry. And personally resolutions, I want to try to read more books, spend a little bit more time with the family, and then also got a new Australian cattle dog. So just getting them acclimated with pokito, our Manchester terrier who’s a little older, and things have been working out so far. They’re definitely a whole different dynamic now in the house, and then just continue to save and invest.

Ronn: That’s it. Yeah, a new puppy and an old man dog, right?

Martin: It’s like the Fox and the Hound. Yeah.

Ronn: Leave me alone. 

Martin: So, any final words, Ronn, before we wrap up 2022.

Ronn: I just wanted to say thank you, you definitely covered some good stuff, I forgot to talk about our innovation, because that’s really my personal commitment I have but also like a New Year’s resolution of just continue to evolve in our evolution, for innovation and technology for industry. So, that I want to say is given for us. And I just want to say thank you, thank you to those that are listening. I hope you guys tell a friend; we really want to boost our audience. We will, as I mentioned the thought leaders that have been with us, thank you for being our guests. If you guys haven’t heard any of the episodes, please go back and check them out. If you have downtime during this holiday season, what a great thing to do. And then ultimately, I want to say thank you also for our Apartment SEO customers and clients and you know, you guys have been with us tried and true through the years. We’ve all grown together. I pride myself in that I love seeing your personal growth as well as ours. And so, I just want to say from the bottom my heart, thank you guys for the growth that we’ve done together and for the business opportunities that we have in the future.

Martin: Go A SEO.

Ronn: Go A SEO.

Martin: Alright everybody. Don’t forget to subscribe to the multifamily podcast at Visit for your free marketing analysis and reputation report card. We look forward to the new year and hope everyone has a safe holiday and happy new year. We will be back again ready to hit the ground running and 2023 so be ready for more guests and hot topics from the multifamily podcast. Until next time, bye everyone. 

Ronn: Bye, bye, Woohoo.